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How to Submit?

On the Following Page is a short Google Doc Form. Use this to submit your favorite Cannabis Creator, Follower, Business, or Brand.

During Voting anyone can submit a vote via the submissions tab of this website.

Voting will be open until August 31st of 2021


After Voting we will begin to sift through the submissions and began to compile a list of Categories that are common across similar submissions, as well as a list of Semi-Finalist. From there our Judging Panel will make their decision as to who wins each of the chosen catagories.

That panel will take the information we have compiled and then make a decision on each of the categories as who they think should win. They will have a selection of 10 from each of the categories we have decided to cover the largest variety of contributors. They will each get there vote for 3 in each category.

That information will then be put into a randomize so to leave it to chance as we feel if you have made it to this point its the only way to be fair.

This will be done the week of the show and each award will be sealed and not revealed until during the show.

Our Presenters will be pooled from both the Creator and Fan Submissions, If you want to be included in that possible opportunity, please include your name and email so we can follow up with you to discuss your participation in the event.

Awards for Winners will be Shipped out the week of the event. We will have already been in communication with you before this point to let you know you have been nominated and to began marketing of the event to your followers. The Award Winners who receive awards will be under a NDA until the end of the show. Those will be sent out after our initial communication to your management or other entity.


The Event is currently slated to be hosted on our parent company’s app, SmokeSesh.Life, that may change based on the status of the development of the said application. If we are unable to host it in-app then the show will be hosted on our Website. This is a Virtual Event and participation is not required by the creators/fans that may be nominated.

No Purchase Necessary to Participate

Below is just for idea purposes. If the creator/fan/business/brand is in the Cannabis Industry and creates/reacts to Cannabis Content then they are eligible for an award. We want this to be the largest awards show possible with the most involved. In doing so we can start to make a change in the Stigma of Cannabis in Media.

Best of TikTokBest of Youtube
Best of InstagramBest of Facebook
Best of SnapChatBest Of Other Platform
Best Female VocalBest Male Vocal
Best ScienceBest Emo
Best Witch/WizardBest Cosplay
Best ComicBest Group
Best Short FilmBest Suspense
Best HackBest Magician
Best GrowerBest Concentrate Producer
Best BudTenderBest Chef
Best Hip HopBest Rock